LabDisk meeting: Heraklion, Jul 18-19 2016  


During the LabDisk Meeting that took place in Heraklion, Crete (Jul 18-19, 2016) the following main points were agreed by all participants:

  • Two separate disks will be developed: one for A. gambiae assays, one for A. funestus assays. Simultaneous DNA and RNA extraction will be made on-disk.
  • A total of 12 qPCR reaction chambers will be used. Detection of 3 colors in each reaction chamber. Adding a fourth color/probe is also possible.
  • Assays will be firstly developed in individual mosquito strains (optimization from the analytical point of view) and then in mosquito pools (optimization from the diagnostic point of view).
  • DDMS: Output from LabDisk should be able to be exported as raw data (Ct and/or endpoint fluorescence values) in csv format, data should be then inputted in a stand-alone simple excel file. After transformations and calculations data will be entered to the DDMS.

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