A diagnostic platform to monitor mosquito populations

We will develop a fully integrated and automated multiplex vector-diagnostic platform (LabDisk) for monitoring the species ID, the infection status of mosquitoes and the insecticide resistance profile of malaria vector populations. For the first time in an operational setting, the LabDisk will enable the capture of novel, operationally relevant RNA markers, such as those indicating detoxification-based resistance, that can currently only be analysed in centralised labs using sophisticated equipment. The system will provide sample-to-answer determinations, which will substantially facilitate the uptake of protocols in target countries. It will be also capable of analysing pools of mosquitoes (as well as individuals) to perform genotyping at substantially lower cost, compared to the individual assays (PCR, ELISA, TAQMAN, microscopic examinations) that are currently extensively used in Africa. This ensures that the LabDisk system will provide relevant, timely data that is operationally applicable to resource poor malaria control settings.