The specific objectives of the DMC-MALVEC are the following:

1. Develop and validate a fully automated and cost effective diagnostic platform (LabDisk) to identify the species ID, monitor the infection status, and determine the insecticide resistance profile, of infected vectors. 

2. Upgrade, interface with the LabDisk and validate the Disease Data Management System (DDMS) smart Database, to collate and analyse this new level of data.

3. Upgrade, adapt and validate the serious gaming technology (GAME), to communicate and teach operational end users the importance and use of data output.

4. Implement and disseminate the entire system (LabDisk, DDMS & GAME) in four highly representative sub-African countries, with regard to malaria settings and vector control challenges, at the national vector control programme level and additional end-users, to assist them to make evidence based informed decisions to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of malaria control.